ioShutter™SLR PRO

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工具 摄影与录像
开发 Enlight Photo Limited
5.99 USD

Control your SLR, mirrorless camera and Hasseblad with your iOS device!

Perfect for landscape, portrait, timelapse photography and a lot more! Easily shoot photos using advanced techniques, made easy thanks to ioShutterSLR.

-- The ioShutter™ PRO app works in combination with your ioShutter™SLR release cable (available separately from enlight photo online and in great camera stores) for intelligent SLR camera control from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ioShutter™ PRO does not work with your iOS devices camera. --

ioShutter™ is the original SLR shutter release system for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For ioShutter features for your iPhone and iPod touch camera and not your SLR, find ioShutterCam in the App Store by looking out for the similar green icon!

ioShutter™ PRO opens up an exciting world of intelligent shutter release with fully customisable programmable and upgradable timers, timelapse, bulb for long exposures, a sound trigger, movement trigger and more!

The ioShutter™ cable and app connects your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to your SLR, Hasselblad and advanced compact. This ioShutter™ PRO app gives you basic and extended features that are all fully customisable.

- Set any duration of time in the the Timer or..
- Schedule when you want your camera to fire, or another function to run, by date and time of day!
- Programme how long your shutter opens... to the second for an amazing long exposure!
- Shoot timelapse sequences having set the delay and time duration of your timelapse
- Set the sound threshold, delays and sound duration
- Set which precise movement triggers your camera, or another function!
- Compatible with ioShutter™ Plugins (coming soon to the App Store)

Download ioShutter™ PRO to discover all the awesome functionality before buying your cable, but you will need the ioShutter™ release cable to control your camera (see for details).

--- This ioShutter™ PRO app does not work with your iOS device’s built-in camera; it works with your SLR and advanced compact (see below for compatibility). ---

Visit to find out more, including where to buy your ioShutter™ release cable.

ioshutter™ for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is great for night photography, studio photography, astro photography, making timelapse films, catching your other half slamming the front door when they get in late for dinner and photographing that earthquake thats just about to happen. Or something. Anything!

Feedback: To let us know about upgrades youd like or in the unlikely event you find a bug, please use the in-app "Feedback" button to let us know!

Compatible Devices:

App: iPhone 6, 6+, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3, all iPads, iPod Touch g4 onwards. Not compatible with iPhone 1, 2, iPod touch g3, g2 or g1.

Visit for up-to-date details on camera compatibility and where to buy your ioShutterSLR hardware!

Compatible cameras include (model dependent);

Canon G1X, G10, G11, G12, G13, G14, G15, G16, 60D, 1000D, 1100D, 600D, 100D, 550D, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D, EOS Digital Rebel series, Kiss F, X5, X4, X3, X50, XS, Elan II/ IIE, Elan 7/7E, Rebel Ti, T1i, T2i, Pentax Super, K100D, D110D, *ist Ds2, +ist D, +ist Ds, *ist, *ist DL, Samsung GX-20, GX-10, GX-1L, GX-1S, Hasselblad H1, H2, H3, H4

Canon EOS 7D, 60D, 1DC, 1DX, 1D IV, 1DS III, 5D III, 5D II, 5D, 1DS II, 1DS, 1D III, 1D IIn, 1D II, 1D, 5D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, D60, D30, EOS 3, 1VHS, 1V

Nikon: All current Nikon Digital SLRs and a few great film SLRs too!